Professional Digital Marketing Support Services

Our Professional Services offerings reflect new levels of innovation and collaboration – which benefits our customer community. This enriched service offering delivers a more diverse, comprehensive, and customizable digital framework to our customers. Last Mile Digital has focused its Professional Services offering on enabling data through digital transformation and delivering the best experience to a consumer which requires a precise combination of data, insights, and content. Business, IT, and marketing executives are increasingly demanding solutions that optimize their consumers’ experiences and deliver the greatest return on their marketing spend so they can demonstrate the success of their programs using objective metrics. Last Mile Digital delivers in all aspects to our clients…period.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our core team includes has over 125+ years of data integration and digital marketing experience. services whether on-prem or remote, our team always delivers on time and within budget.

Testimonials and Outcomes

Telco provider wanted to take advantage of customer behaviors to help predict and target the likelihood of a customer to churn, upgrade a device, or add a new line of service.  


Developed and implemented a solution where behaviors were tracked in one master table.  When these new behaviors were overlaid on traditional models, this resulted in highly predictive targets along with enhanced customer lifecycle understanding and improved capabilities for personalization.

By leveraging the best industry tools and strategies, our client was able to provide a richer customer experience with customized content and messaging.  In addition, we discovered new triggers for churn and purchases along with new correlations between churn and sales abandonment events.  This approach provided improved campaign conversions by over 250% along with developing personalized campaign experiences to 100 million customers.

Last Mile Digital delivers when it comes to implementing their clients' digital marketing objectives with approaches that are systematically grounded by accurate customer data and driven by their clients' vision”

– Jason, Account Director 

Why Choose Us

Last Mile Digital makes the complex simple by walking our customers through every step of the digital journey...the end result is measurable success!