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Fact: 85% of company time is spent sifting through digital marketing data…not analyzing it

Fact: 91% have not even reached the ability to use digital marketing data for analytics 

What are today’s digital marketing challenges?

First, it starts with focusing on the data followed by the marketing.  World-class personalization and customer experiences are backed by solid customer insights, great analytic models, and real-time decisioning. Remember - bad or incomplete data leads to fractured customer experiences – poorly orchestrated and the wrong message at the wrong time. 

Second, it’s by doing less, then obsess. We went from a world that had very little data to an overabundance of data - to the point where it is overwhelming. This complexity has taken the true business value from the decision-making. If you try to do too much, the end result is delayed projects, poor customer experiences, and no measurable ROI. 

Third, the ability to mesh all the data and your solutions together in an efficient and secure matter to drive the business value.  This is where you need to make all your digital marketing platforms work together. 

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Our mission is to turn your digital marketing ideas into viable solutions by leveraging our experience, persistence, and creativity

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Prepare your organization for a long-term digital transformation – create a new organizational structure around the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, rather than tools and channels. 

We Are Data Driven

Last Mile Digital has been DATA-DRIVEN since our inception in 2007 and we have been developing our digital marketing and integration practice for over 10 years. We excel at custom integrations across your legacy enterprise applications, data lakes, and marketing applications, and clouds. We are experts at measurement and determining ROI at every level – campaign incremental performance, statistical analysis, A/B testing, and more. Our framework, methodologies, and approaches are tool agnostic and designed around YOUR business.

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How Last Mile Digital Adds Value

Marketing and communications in a digital world is not simply about executing campaigns in each digital channel. Marketers, and entire enterprises, also need to ensure they deliver meaningful experiences to their consumers across both digital and traditional channels and in areas such as commerce, sales, support, and brand interactions where consumers expect experiences to be consistent and personalized. 


Providing solutions and services for creating, managing, executing, measuring, and optimizing commerce, digital advertising, and marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Our customers include marketers, advertisers, agencies, publishers, merchandisers, web analysts, marketing executives, information management executives, and sales and support executives. We process over 1 Billion data transactions a year via our digital solutions framework, providing our customers with commerce, analytics, social, targeting, media optimization, digital experience management, and cross-channel campaign management. This framework complements our digital media solution by bringing together the art of creating and managing content with the science of measuring and optimizing it, enabling our customers to achieve their optimal business outcomes. 


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Last Mile Digital makes the complex simple by walking our customers through every step of the digital journey...the end result is measurable success!